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Get hundred percent cash back on booking of electric vehicles

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The central Govt. has started emphasizing on Electric vehicles. Keeping eye on the importance of Electric vehicles, the Automobile E-Commerce company Durham has declared a new offer. To inspire users for purchasing Electric cars, Durham has declared hundred percent cash back offer on booking. For this, the company has joined hands with companies like Mahindra and Hero. All these companies play a vital role in production of Electric Vehicles in the Indian market these days.

The Founder and CEO of Durham Sandeep Agarwal said the Indian Govt. is now prioritizing on Electric vehicles. The people are also getting inspired to purchase such vehicles. The electric vehicles have gained immense popularity in a few days due to its role in reducing pollution. So to attract the customers, the company has announced such offer. You can get bikes ranging from 20 to 42 thousand and cars ranging from 8lac to 13 lac in the Automobile E-Commerce website Durham.

The Indian Automobile manufacturer Mahindra is also much emphasizing on Electric cars these days. Because of its lead in the domestic market, Mahindra is now busy manufacturing Electric cars. The company focuses on Electric car production due to the expected growing demand of Electric cars in coming days.

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