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How to boost the Speakers of your iPhone to sound louder

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Undoubtedly iPhone earphones are pretty good and sound excellent. But at times while we are in the verge of listening to some soothing music on our iPhone, we often wish how if the speakers sound bit louder! Obviously they can better connect us to the soul. But many of us might not be aware of the options available to make the iPhone sound more rampant and forceful. So we have a guide here today to go through these steps.

But before that I can suggest you some traditional methods of boosting the sound of your iPhone. You might have tried it before also with a speaker. I used to adopt this trick to make my speaker sound pretty louder and soothing. What I used to do was putting my box speakers in big empty vessels which was making great noise. So you can also put your iPhone in an empty glass, vessel or ceramic to create more sound. But to get the sound from device follow these tips.

Steps to make your iPhone sound louder

  • First of all go to the “Apple Music App” in your iPhone and play the music you want.
  • In the same state (while the music is playing) go to the “Settings”, scroll down and tap on “Music”.
  • Next tap on “EQ” to get the presets lined up to create different types of sound for you.
  • From the presets check the “Late Night” option and select it. This will make your iPhone sound pretty louder.
  • You can also opt for the “Bas Reducer” preset which can enhance the sound of your device.

You are also suggested to use the presets one after another to see which one suits to your requirements. There are a number of options to opt from. For sure let’s know which one you liked the most.

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