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Motorola on way to create history in Mobile world


All of us know Motorola is not only one of the the oldest but one of the most trusted and dynamic Mobile brands across the globe. If considered from the Indian Smartphone usability prospect, then perhaps this is the first brand ever to bring the mobile experience to users. So it’s name is already enlisted in the Indian Mobile history. And now you will be surprised to know that the brand is on way to create history in the global Smartphone market. And know what’s that? Motorola as the first Smartphone manufacturer in the world is bringing the technology to auto-repair mobile screen.

Yes, you heard right. Though sounds bit absurd, but it’s true. Motorola is soon inventing a technology in which the scratches and marks on your Smartphone screen will be auto-repaired. Of course, this is not for all Motorola Smartphones, but for the one the company is soon going to make public. Name of the Smartphone is yet to be declared from official sources. But as per reports, the upcoming Smartphone’s screen will be built in a special plastic named shape memory polymer. The screen can be repaired through this plastic.

As revealed by the Motorola authorities, the users can mark the broken spots of their Smartphone screen using a mobile app. After the handset will provide hit to the device screen and the users will need to keep their Smartphones in the healing duck or near an iron material to complete the repairing process. This healing process will repairs the small scratches via thermal cycling process. But this process will not be suitable for all sorts of screen damages.

While this technology sounds out of the world, but still we can’t ignore it. But still it has not been revealed when Motorola is launching this handset to the market. To get more details, keep visiting BlogZamana.


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