Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 got Updated with Jellybean 4.1.2 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 jellybean update

Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 jellybean update

Do you want Jellybean 4.1.2 update on your Samsung Galaxy SL I9003? Getting official update is not possible hence its better to update the Galaxy SL I9003 with custom ROM. Along with the latest firmware, the ROM also offers S3 looks and its UI. Follow the article for requirements and procedure to apply the update.

Samsung Galaxy SL is Android Froyo 2.2 operated device which can only be upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3. If you have rooted your device then no one stops you to upgrade further. We did this and present you the Jellybean upgrade. The camera or other things wont get enhanced but the user can make use of android application that’s minimum requirement is Ice cream sandwich 4.0 or higher version. The Jellybean features brings not only model enhancements but also bug fixations. If you have any trouble in phone then after applying the update will vanish all the problem by far.

This phone has 4 inches screen with a dimension measuring 123.7 x 64.2 x 10.6 mm. 3G connection which is the minimum specs a person must have in his/her phone. Apart from that it is equipped with 1 GHz Cortex-A8 processor with 478 RAM and PowerVR SGX530 GPU.

The phone has 5 Mega Pixels that takes photo in 2592 x 1944 pixels resolution and uses autofocus. After clicking Geo-tag them to your friends to watch over internet. The camera has other features like touch focus, face and smile detection. It has got Secondary VGA camera for web chating. You can shoot videos in 720p@30fps.

Caution: The update required rooted device, hence root the device to apply the Jellybean firmware. Rooting any device loss warranty but allows user to make user of root accessed apps and flash several tweaks with out any obligation.

This is unofficial Update and Bugs will be there. Kindly apply the firmware on your own risk. Do not complain things are not working in your GT I9003 because its not the official version. Always wait for the OTA update otherwise be happy with your original firmware or try any custom ROM.


  • Rooted Samsung Galaxy SL I9003
  • Windows PC (windows xp and 7)
  • Original USB cable
  • Computer installed with latest Samsung KIES otherwise the phone will not get detected by the computer
  • Backup all the personal data present in phone such as SMS, MMS, videos, applications, contacts, call logs, APN passowrds and other files in case of loss
  • Make sure the phone has 40% battery to avoid automatic shut down during flashing of ROM
  • Enable the USB Debugging by Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and tick the box. Do untick the box later to avoid security bridge.


Jellybean Firmware Package for Galaxy SL (

Procedure to update Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 with Jellybean 4.1.2 Firmware

  1. First make sure you follow all the requirements and now move to second step.
  2. Now download Jellybean Firmware Package for Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 from here to computer. And do not unzip the download rather place it in desktop.
  3. Now copy paste the downloaded zip file in the SD card of the phone by plugging the device to computer via USB cable. Make sure you haven’t placed in any sub folder. After detach of the cable switch off the device.
  4. Land the device in recovery mode by pressing VOL UP KEY+ MIDDLE BUTTON+ POWER BUTTON altogether. Release the buttons and wait for the recovery mode. You can also download and install ROM Manager app and select reboot system in recovery mode to land in recovery mode. Choose the option according to the connivance.
  5. In this mode select the wipe of data cache and wipe data/ factory reset. Then select install zip form SD card and wait for 4 minutes to get rest.
  6. The phone gets rebooted automatically. If it doesn’t then go back and select reboot system now in normal mode.

Congratulations, you have now successfully update your Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 with Jellybean 4.1.2 Firmware. Do consult with us for more knowledge. We are always ready to help you out in any way.

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  1. Mridul Singhal | May 17, 2013 at 9:46 am | Reply

    This is consuming a lot of battery what 2 do pls give me a battery fix for this jellybean

  2. samsung galaxy s plus GT-I9003 firmware new version

  3. jellybean i9003

  4. when i installing this i face E: Signature Verification faile problem. wat can i do?

  5. Im getting signature verification failed while installing the update. Any help ?

  6. Hey,
    I updated my samsung galaxy sl i9003 to jelly beans. But after this i cannot connect to samsung keys.
    I did backup using samsung kies. How should i restore my backup?


  7. how fix samsung galaxys GT-I9003 usb not detected but phone is charging………..?
    ple help me…

    • Upgrade the kies or the phone firmware is bit corrupted. You need to update it with official rom or give to nearest service center for repair.

  8. hi pamela,
    this version is supported to US-English?

  9. Hi Pamela,
    My Phone set is “samsung galaxy sl (GT-i9003).To get better performance like speed up and quick start of any apps and better 3G/WiFi connectivity, should I go back to Froyo or JB. Your expert suggestion please. Hope by doing any changes in original OS, set will not go dead:-)

    Thanks for your creative efforts you did!!!!

    • Well Jellybean is latest but Galaxy SL have not received official upgrade yet. It is better to have system OS (default). But there are handful of apps you can download on Froyo variant. Try out any stable custom ROM and upgrade the device to Jellybean and use the apps.

  10. Hii!! it is very good job
    but the portable WI-fi hotspot doesn’t work!!!!!!!
    plz how can i fix this bug
    thank u a lot

    • Well, it is always been warned that bugs may hit if its not a stock ROM. Being third party developed ROM will have bug issues. If you really getting trouble then I would suggest you to get back to original ROM or try other custom ROMs.

  11. hello can you pls help me how to fix my galaxy sl i9003 bootloop samsung only.

    • While updating if you have bootloop then remove the battery and reinsert again to fix it. If after doing so and stuck in bootloop then you have to update the device again with official stock ROM this time. This is because you might have bricked your device.

  12. Hi

    This is not Jelly bean. This is ICS update.

    Please get us the Jelly bean update

  13. Can u tell me after download zip file in mobile after that what to do how can i instal it pls tell ne

  14. How can i download rom manager i9003

  15. Hi Pamela,
    I am also getting the signature verufucation failed. Any help is appreciated, thanks

  16. Pls auload gapps link for jelly bean i9003

  17. CAN YOU PROVIDE ME THE DOWNLOAD LINK OF Jellybean Firmware Package for Galaxy SL I9003?

  18. hi mrs. Pamela can i ask something?? Do you know how to restore imei and baseband of my samsung galaxy sl i9003?? Because my phone has no signal, what should i do?? THANk YOU

    • Saurav Agarwalla | October 20, 2013 at 8:12 pm | Reply

      Even i have the same problem as Jeff….. When I type *#06# the IMEI is blank and baseband is Unknown of my samsung galaxy s i9003. Due to which my phone has no signal, what should i do??
      Plz Pamela could u provide me a solution… very urgent..

  19. yes

  20. Please guide me i have GTi9003 and i need to flash the install updated android OS. I can do in iPhone easily. But here i tried and i couldn’t get completely successfull.



  21. Hi, I have Samsung galaxy GT I9003 SL gingerbred runing bt not suported any video type can you help me plz

  22. any body give me direct link to download farmware jelly been softwear for my samsung galaxy sl i9003 ?

  23. Hi,i install firm ware on my galaxy I 9003 SL but i forget my Pasword plz help me to fiw this prblm

  24. Hi Pamela,

    Is Samsung SL I9003 the same as Samsung GT I9003?

  25. I can’t access my files from memory card….

  26. Hi
    Can u plz tell me what will be the bugs can occure while updating to jb.

  27. Hi Pamela !
    I have successfully updated my phone as per the instructions you have shared above. Phone works slow though. Some problems are like at time phone’s button lights keeps on even if phone is not in use and spl during charging.
    Also the phone is working slow than it used to. I want to go back to the original state now. How do I do it ? Please help. Thanks

  28. I still have Froyo. Can I directly update to Jellybean or First I must update to Gingerbrad?

  29. I may sound stupid but how do I root my device? What does that mean and how to do it? My touch screen is misbehaving. Also at times the phone hangs. Will these problem be solved after upgrading?


  30. Hello,
    I had requested two days back to revert back to original OS but you have not responded yet. Now the situation is that my phone is totally dead. It’s just not starting up. I am facing hell lot of problems. You have any solutions for this ? Please help me on asap basis. Consider this as S.O.S. msg.

  31. hey thanks…..
    its running quite well in my phone I9003 SL.
    thanks once again……
    mail me if yiu have more updates.

  32. mohammed kunhi | October 2, 2013 at 6:00 pm | Reply

    I have samsung gt i 9003 i want update jellybean 4.1.1 how update?

  33. Hello Pamela. i Have A Problem…. i cant instaling telpm me ….his write on screan…signature verification failed… me

  34. really r u from cuttack bcoz i m from dhenkanal, i m not sound in this can u help me personally?

    • Hello, no personal help is assisted here. You can share the problem here if you have any.

      • my samsung gt 19003 working slowing i cant open any applications videos and i cant download any applications can u plzhelp me

        • Hi Vanitha, there might not have sufficient memory in your device or it might be searching for a latest firmware update. Keep at least 500 MB free space in your device for the applications to run and Do check availability of any latest firmware for your device by going through Settings=>About device=>Software update and install the firmware if available. If these don’t work, then let me know.

  35. hi,
    i have root my gt-i9003 successfully with (super one click), now I want to update firmware with ics or later but when i try to update a message come “signature verification failed ”
    please tell me how can I update it now.

  36. Heyyy pamila i dont know how to root my mobile i9003 can u pls help me to do this

  37. I have selected and installed zip form SD card and wait for device to reboot but its not coming up. How do i go back to reboot normal?

  38. i got problem that when i go to recovery mode and select
    got error of (no file or directory)

  39. hi….just want to ask in the recovery mood as u said after wipe cache n wipe data then select install zip from sdcard…the prob is in my recovery mood don’t have that only have install update sdcard…pls help tq

  40. pl guide me for update galaxy sl gti 9003 i want to latest os of android version i had try to update but couldnot reach the result in this process not get the cwm recovery please guide me for cwm recovery of my android

  41. plz teel me how can i update my galaxy s i9003 to 2.3 or3.3 manullay

  42. Venkataraman | May 23, 2014 at 6:01 pm | Reply

    Hi Pamela,

    Thanks for the description on the update, would appreciate if u could provide the link for GAPS.


  43. Hi,

    I am holding Samsung GT-I9003 (Firmware: 2.3.6) and wanna upgrade its firmware with its higher version.

    Could you please help with valuable information?


  44. Hi Durga,
    Again im in need of your help. In 4.3 jelly bean i have not got the playstores as by default and when i try to download manually its not supporting. Could you please share your comments?
    Thank You!

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